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That's why it's important for us to show you real people we've really worked with and how they really feel about us.  
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Not only did Lisa put us in the home of our dreams...the previous owners were talked into leaving some antiques that just "belonged" with the home! Loved her so much referred her to a friend and she sold their house before it was even on the market!!! Have since referred several co-workers who have all had great results after months of failure with other realtors... Her family is awesome... You won't go wrong with these guys on your side!!!

Karin Mattson Brown

Fleming Island, FL

I'll brag on Lisa Garner as I always do to anyone wanting a home or condo! She is great and helped me find my first home at 26. Always took time with me and made sure I knew every detail with the buying process and what ya should look for and look out for! Didn't just meet a good realtor but also a good Christian friend. Thanks Lisa I know you'll do good in this new adventure! Will help ya out anyway I can and get ya some peeps bc I know you always treat your customers well!

Matthew Ryan

Jacksonville, FL

Lisa Garner, is the most heart warming, strong, achieving person I know. And with them team of David, and there loving most humble spirited boys( Bryce, Brandon, Bradley, & Brian) They will do an awesome job, there's. No doubt about it. They work hard to achieve and goals they set as individuals, and as a family.

Geneva Troupe

Port Saint Lucie, FL

It's rare that you walk away from a major purchase feeling like your steps the salesperson was on divine commission to usher you towards God's plan for that portion of your life. Well that's exactly how I felt when I bought my first home from Lisa Garner. Not only that, but I felt at peace that everyone else who bought a home in my neighborhood from her was there on purpose for His pleasure. When we are ready to move up, we won't have a question as to who to call. Thank you so much for using your gifts to glorify God and showing the people you help the love of Jesus Christ through your actions. Best wishes and continued success!

Schanna Speight-Johnson

Port Saint Lucie, FL

I have known the Garner family for over ten years and I can tell you they are one of the most wonderful families that I've had the privilege of knowing! They are honest, trust-worthy, hard working and will gladly go out of their way to help you in any way they can, whether it's in their company or personal life. They love to see people happy and achieving their goals.. I have gladly recommended them to anybody who's looking to buy or sell in the Jacksonville area and will continue to do so!!!!

Marsha Graham

Jacksonville, FL

 Lisa Garner was my realtor when I purchased my home last year. I called her up last minute for her expertise and she drove across town to help me. I truly value her input and correction in my life. I show her the house, we prayed and left it in God's hands. This purchase was so smooth and I felt so safe in her care. She always make me feel special, that's just the way she is when it comes to loving people. David is a very valuable part of this company because he made sure I got all my discounts and benefits I suppose to receive. To tell everything that happen is too much to type not minimizing what happened but God is awesome and truly work through this family.

I love you sissy and brother man. You are truly a virtuous woman and Dave is a Godly man. This is a awesome team to handle your real estate needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Edith Smith

Jacksonville, FL

I would do anything for the Gardner Family! I have known them for over 7-8 years. We met at Church, that in itself is a great testimony! We bonded our family's with a puppy named Sasha! Their honestly and integrity beyond reproach. Cant wait to sell my house because when I do they will be the ones we will trust to do it! Their family is like my family!

Diane Santos-Schulz

Middleburg, FL

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First off what a great family. I worked with Lisa over 5 years ago when she listed my home that sold with in 9 day's for over asking price. Lisa is a good listener and understood exactly what I wanted to do during the sale and after the sale of my home. 2 and a half months later she sold me my new home that I am still totally in love with and 5 years later Lisa and I are great friends and I know that when my time comes again that I sale my home I will be calling this family to take on that task. Congratulations Lisa and the Garner Family on this new chapter in your lives I know with the greatness of this family they will do a good job for anyone who chooses to call on them, if it's to sale your home or help you find your new home I know this team can do it. Thank you Garners, Job well done

Wes Shepherd

Jacksonville, FL

My heart is so full that I don't even know where to start! I have had the privilege to work with momma and daddy multiple times: helping in the office, taking clients to see property, and taking pictures to put families homes on the market! They have a giving heart full of love and compassion for people. They will sit with you and explain exactly the steps and actions you will need to take to purchase the home of your dreams! A genuine honest spirit is hard to come by but they have it! They give all glory to God and it simply is just beautiful to watch their story continue to unfold and make a difference in peoples lives! They helped my sister and brother get into their first home of their dreams. They were full of joy and absolutely loved it! Momma and daddy's love for God and each other is radiant, it just shines all over them! I recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful home; you will be in wonderful hands! They are such a blessing! Love y'all so much!

Haley Rodriguez

Orange Park, FL

​I want to take the time to say that David and Lisa Garner are amazing people I support them all the way they work there but off to make sure to help you with anything weather its buying a home or personal no matter the situation they are there to support you through it all they take there time in anything they do for them its not about the money its about you and your happiness they get joy out of making everyone else around them happy its just who they are and I will continue to pray and support y'all good luck with everything I love you both.

Audrina Cummings

Jacksonville, FL

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Garners for over 15 years and they are such a wonderful family to be around. They are very hard-working, honest, caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable and will help you in any way they can! If I ever need anything, whether its just to talk, get good advice on anything in life, or even a good laugh, I know I can count on Lisa and her family. She's always been there for me, especially during my lowest moments in life and just encouraged me and I am very thankful for her and her gentle and servant heart.

Angella Barber

Jacksonville, FL

Hi Lisa. I was reminded on Facebook today that it was a year today that we purchased our home. Just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did love it here and we feel very blessed thank you.

Bill Olsen

Jacksonville, FL

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