Ahavni Musinian


My name is Ahavni Musinian,and I am married to a wonderful man, we have two beautiful children ages 7 and 4. I love my family and enjoy spending time with them as much as I can. As a family, we love to travel and discover new places and meet new people.

I was born in Armenia and grew up in Israel. My family and I moved to the United States in 2003 to escape hunger, violence and war. We came to America to pursue the American dream with nothing but our clothes on our backs and a few personal items. I started to attend Clay High School just 5 short months after moving to America. Soon there after, I found a job at the age of 14 and worked hard to help my family with our financial hardships.


After graduating Clay High School, I attended St. Johns River Community College where I obtained my A.A Degree. I then attended University of North Florida and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Public Health. Upon obtaining my degree I was hired at a local mental health hospital where I have been working since 2012.

I have a passion for helping people and have done so in many ways. I look forward to helping many more people by helping them achieve their goals and overcome milestones in their lives. I look forward to being able to bring my life and career experiences to Real Estate and use my skills to help
more people.